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“Metamorphosis of Grain”

“Metamorphosis of Grain”

In Lithuania, shapes of wheat, rye, seeds, sun symbols, certain stones (amber), folk songs, woven textiles and costumes, all contribute to the country’s rich cultural history and identity. The reason that the symbols of wheat and rye continue to resonate with Lithuanian people is because they are closely connected to land, climate and agriculture. Until recently, the country operated under a predominantly agrarian economy and therefore elements associated with sun, growth, and crops, such as wheat, rye signified independence and an instinct to survive, often under oppressive regimes. As with many folk arts, Lithuanian traditions are considered obsolete, their meanings subsumed in modern forms of technology and mass production. However, unlike current art and design practice, this body of work explores deeply Lithuania’s heritage, with each piece carrying meanings relevant to previous folkloric stories. The series of designs presented here are intended to evoke these important and significant meanings in jewellery objects, representative of national and cultural identities of the past and formed by contemporary aesthetics.

(Materials used: brass, precious metal gold-plated in 24k.) 

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Technical Render - Neckpiece "Metamorphosis of Grain"

Neckpiece "Metamorphosis of grain" symbolise link between different generations in Lithuania and how unique traditions are passed on through years. Connection between me and my ancestors is depicted by links shaped as rye flowers, which can be transformed by taking certain modules out.

Possible variations of how the piece can be worn

Neckpiece "Metamorphosis of Grain" is unique not only by its' design, its' ability to be transformed and adapted to the wearers needs is one of the major advantages.


Technical Render- Ear cuff "September"

Details of seeds placed on a winding stem dictate the meaning of the name given to this piece- September. September as a month was not only essential for the nature, it also had a major impact on Lithuanian people’s lives, as it was the month of planting new crop seeds, collecting harvest and preparing for the ruth season of winter.