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Blair Wallace (he/him)

Blair Wallace (b.1999) is an artist currently living and working in Glasgow, Scotland. Working between video, performance, installation and photography, Wallace’s work is guided by phenomenological modes of interpretation which are used as aids to examine objects and experiences which deal with ideas around documentation of self, time and labour.  Situated in a contemporary context, his work brings into question the changing nature of documentation and how modes of documentation have changed over time. Touching on themes of voyeurism and surveillance, his work reflects on how we create, share and consume documents of existence through modern technology, commenting on the affects these new modes have in altering human behaviour.

Some of this work will be shown physically at Part Two of the Alternative Degree Show Festival across Glasgow in July 2021.

’28/2/21-29/3/21′ Archive

’28/2/21-29/3/21′ Archive

The ’28/2/21-29/3/21′ video archive contains fifty-four videos, culminating in over eleven hours of footage, documenting the process of encasement and removal of casts taken from my body, everyday, for thirty days. The full archive can be accessed here.

'16/3/21 OFF', still from video

'8/3/21 ON', video, 13min. 46sec.

'11/3/21 ON', video, 28min. 43sec.

'10/3/21 OFF', still from video

'11/3/21 ON', still from video

'15/3/21 OFF', still from video

'15/3/21 ON', video, 23min. 26sec.

'18/3/21 ON', video, 21min. 38sec.

'21/3/21', video, 16min. 38sec.

'22/3/21 ON', still from video

'26/3/21 OFF', video, 4min. 5sec.

'27/3/21 ON', still from video

'28/3/21 ON', video, 17min. 1sec.

'29/3/21 OFF', still from video


‘9/4/21-15/4/21’ is an archive project containing seven 3D mesh’s created from 3D scans taken on an iPhone, once a day, for a week. The full project can be viewed here.

Prints from this project are available upon request.

'9/4/21', 3D Mesh

Prints available upon request.

'11/4/21', 3D Mesh



Installation of pallet wrap casts, 2x2x1.5m (dimensions variable)


Video with sound, 2min. 6sec.

Selection of images from '28/2/21-29/3/21'

6x4 C-Type prints in leather photo album, approx. 12cm x 18cm. Print book of stills from this project is available upon request.