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Bella Hansard (She/they)

Musical Playground in Wasteland

Musical Playground in Wasteland

With this project, I attempted to make the musical playground. I used a fallen down tree to make the Xylophone structure and then the gaps in the rocks dictated the size and therefore sound of the keys. The site of this project was called the Prince’s Docks. It is very near the old Govan dry docks.

This sculpture is activating a neglected space in the Prince’s Docks through the use of existing materials and their activation through the participation of people. I do not believe the work has come to its full function until people are there using it.

The site is the studio for me. It is where I can finalise my ideas and collect my materials. There are so many neglected materials in the city, and it seems many items have one use. However, through reading the writings of Roy Kovolsky, I have learned about Ideology Junkology, in which one sees the beauty in something that may traditionally be seen as anything but beautiful. Using found materials means there is a lot more work to make them into something functional, from the transportation of them to working with tools physically to create something that represents my idea.

I will always acknowledge that my work will not be permanent. It will just exist for a brief moment in time and, by no means, will have more value or purpose than any other aspect of the environment in which it is placed. My work and practice will always be developing and redirected. I aim to learn, to explore, and to be a part of a community that is much bigger than me.

Wood from Fallen Tree, Rope, Metal Hooks

Musical Playground in Wasteland