Glasgow Mackintosh School of Architecture MSA Stage 3

Beatrice Rogojan

Music Centre in Balloch

Music Centre in Balloch

The Balloch Music Centre project is designed for Sistema Scotland, a charity organisation whose aim is to transform lives through music. Their teams provide an intensive orchestral programme for school-age children and young people. Therefore, the main components of the Balloch Music Centre project are :
1. The residential retreat; a building designed for teachers, carers and children to find a place of quietness and meditation where they can bond together through playing music; cooking, learning, and sleeping.
2. The performance hall; a building designed for them to perform together in front of an audience; where their talent can be shared, noticed and acknowledged by other people.
The project’s location is the picturesque Balloch, a city embraced by the richness of nature and the Loch Lomond, surrounded by the Highlands and a vast area of deciduous trees.
The landscape contributes to the poetic of placemaking with its historical aspects, thus by going back to origins, Balloch in Gaelic means “village on the loch” and Loch Lomond in Scottish Gaelic is Loch Laomainn – “Lake of the Elms”; thus, the Music Centre’s design has grown around the idea of sitting next to the loch, around the elm trees.
The fascinating landscape of Balloch must be environmentally protected, hence the focus of this project is about implementing an approach towards net zero-carbon design.
To go as low as possible with the carbon emissions both buildings follow passive solar principles and use renewable energy.

Balloch Music Centre

Exterior render


This render illustrates how people might accommodate the exterior spaces. Music takes over both interior and exterior spaces!
Performance Hall-exterior render

Exterior stage

Children are playing music on the exterior stage while people are watching the show from their boats.
Exterior Render
Both buildings have a strong relationship with the surroundings: The Performance Hall responds to the Loch Lomond and the Residential Retreat connects with the Drumkinnon Bay.

Masterplan+ Site Cross Section

Axonometric section

Section cuts through the Residential Retreat.

This section illustrates how the residential retreat has two main realms: the private and the shared one: - one is about living together while one is about having privacy ( the coloured clusters).
Performance Hall- Perspective section

Perspective section cuts through the auditorium space.

Section+ Partial Elevation

Residential Retreat

Exploded Axonometric- materials

Residential Retreat

Partial exploded axonometric of materials: the prefab timber-frame walls with all the layers.
Exploded axonometric structure

Residential Retreat

Primary structure: glulam posts and beams Secondary structure: prefab timber-frame walls and roof.
Exploded Axonometric structure

Performance Hall

Primary structure: glulam posts and beams. Secondary structure: prefab timber-frame walls and roof.
South Facade

Residential Retreat

Exterior render showing the residential retreat and its connection with the trees and Drumkinnon Bay.

Residential Retreat

Interior render showing a part of the salon.

Residential Retreat

Interior render showing a part of the salon and the dinning area in the back.

Performance Hall

Interior render showing the auditorium room.