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Antony Lucchesi (He/Him)


Royal Scottish Academy New Contemporaries: Selected Artist

Born 1999 in Edinburgh, Lives and Works in Glasgow
My work looks at the relationships people have with artificial/imagined space and how they can parallel someone’s relationship with real space, emulating an atmosphere, an emotion or a memory but also how fictional spaces can create those same feelings without needing to be in reference to something real.
This line of inquiry stems from my own relationship with digital space, Video Games and the internet as places which are significant to my life as well as many others.
I also want to capture how the real world is reflected back to us through a digital lens. By doing so the work created can be seen as allegorical for the transition of many aspects of our lives going from physical to digital space and the resulting ‘anxiety of the unknown’ that can exist as part of this process.
My practice focuses mainly on Digital Art making, Animation and Image production but can also include Music/Sound Production, physical making such as drawing and sculpture and Making Interactive Digital Environments.
The work is presented directly as works of digital art where elements of glitch and technical failure are celebrated in the way other artists would celebrate inconsistencies in paint and clay.

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Flicker (2020)
Selected Works 2020-2021 (Alt Degree Show @ the Briggait)

Flicker (2020)

Flicker is a looping animation which stems from the idea of glitch being present in the real world as well as the digital. Glitches happen all the time when using digital technology day to day so it was on my mind the idea of this failing code and where that can be found in the real world as well.

My first thought was a lightbulb flickering, normally a lightbulb is meant to be on or off but instead you have something that succeeds in neither.

By looping the animation the bulb fails and continues to fail endlessly.

I think it’s an interesting juxtaposition, intentionally making something to look like it’s failing, so is a success in failure really a failure?

More work from my series ‘Analog Glitches’ can be found in the link to my website below.

Flicker (2020)

Selected Works 2020-2021 (Alt Degree Show @ the Briggait)

Selected Works 2020-2021 is a multiscreen video installation showing digital work which was shown at The Briggait in Glasgow during Part 1 of The Alternative Degree Show Festival. The videos are shown in a semi-random fashion in order for the different works to interplay and communicate with one another, as well as a way to give agency to the computer, a collaboration between the artist and the machine.

The work shown in this project is a collection of 3D renders and animations with a focus on architectural space.

Install Image

Selected Works 2020-2021