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Introducing Dressing Rooms

Dressing Rooms is an intersectional LGBTQ+ social venue. We’re a bit different to most gay bars around town – for starters we don’t call ourselves a gay bar.  We offer an inclusive space for all members of the queer community and their friends.

You can find Dressing Rooms on Parnie Street in Glasgow. We’re part of Glasgow’s queer neighbourhood in Merchant City, just around the corner from Polo Lounge, AXM, and many more amazing LGBTQ+ places.

Come visit us at: 48 Parnie Street, Glasgow, G1 5LS

The building we occupy has a rich and vibrant history. The oldest part of the building was originally constructed in 1593, back when the site was used as a church. Over the years since then, it’s been a police station, a joiners works, and most recently it was the Tron Theatre. Our section of the building was used as backstage and performance spaces within the theatre. We made some big changes when we took over – you can see what we did on the demolition plan opposite.

Our venue is made for dancing, eating, drinking, performing and having fun. We’re a space to let go and be yourself. The venue is split into 4 main areas, each with its own activities. The Cafe/Bar is located on the first floor – for eating, drinking and being happy. Our Events Hall is just next door, for performing, meeting and learning. The Vestry nightclub is on the ground floor, for dancing, drinking, and having a ball. The toilets are also on the ground floor, for taking care of business and waiting on your pals.

Ground Floor Plan

1- Main Entrance 2- Foyer 2.a- Cloak Room 2.b- Quiet Room 2.c- Stairs / Lift 3- Vestry Night Club Entrance 3.a- Club Bar 3.b- Seating Area 3.c- DJ Booth 4- Toilets Entrance 4.a- Standard Cubicle 4.b- Disabled Access Cubicle 4.c- Lowered Service Cubicle 4.d- Changing Facilities 4.e- Seating / Washing Area 5- Staff Entrance 6- Staff Back of House 6.a- Site Office 6.b- Cellar 6.c- Staff Room 6.d- Kitchen 6.e- Storage

First Floor Plan

7- Bar Entrance 7.a- Stairs / Lift 7.b- Standing Area 7.c- Bar Service Area 7.d- Bar 7.e- Banquette Seating 7.f- Social Dining 7.g- Comfy Seating Area 8- Events Hall Entrance 8.a- Main Hall 8.b- Storage 8.c- Dressing Room 8.d- Tech Room

Location Plan

External View

Venue Overview


Our first floor cafe/bar is open 11 am to midnight 7 days a week, and we stay open until 3 am Thurs-Sat too.

During the day it’s the perfect place to catch up with your Judy’s over a spot of brunch and a coffee. We’ve also great WiFi for you to bring your laptop and do a couple of hours work too.

On an evening we like to keep things relaxed with a couple of mock & cocktails and some light music. It’s the perfect environment to chat, giggle, and be gay.

Stairs From Upstairs

Bar Seating Area, Day Time

Bar Area, Evening

Bar Standing Area

Waiting area for events hall


We offer a selection of food & beverage options. We’ve got cocktails and coffees, brunch and bar snacks, as well as veggie and vegan options.

Our menu changes through the night, but we’re sure there will be something you’ll love no matter the time of day.

Elevation of main bar

Main Bar Elevation

Events Hall

We host loads of events throughout the year in our dedicated events hall. From lectures & public speakers, to drag brunch & open-mic nights, we’ve got it all.

Looking to hold an event? Contact us for more info.

As well as hosting our own events, our hall is great for hosting yours too. With our flexible setup we can host any gathering from live performances and lectures, to cabaret and board meetings. We can host up to 65 people seated or up to 135 standing. We also offer bespoke catering packages for the space flexible to your needs.

Lecture Layout

Cabaret Layout

Presentation Layout

Board Meeting Layout

Lecture Event In Progress

Empty Events Hall

Vestry Nightclub

Out ground floor nightclub is open 10 pm – 3 am five nights a week. With resident and regular guest DJs offering every genre under the sun, come let loose and dance your heels off.

Want to test your stuff on a new crowd? Send us a sample for a chance to bag one of our guest DJ slots. Our flexible pulpit DJ booth means the chance is there for the taking by anyone, big or small, standing or seated.

Pulpit DJ Booth

Dancers, Stood In The Foyer

Dance Floor

Seating Area

DJ Booth Elevation


The toilets at dressing roosm

Toilets, daytime

Toilets: Nighttime

Toilets cubicle

Supporting Documents



Project Poster

This poster was created early into the project