Glasgow Mackintosh School of Architecture MSA Stage 4

Angeliki Sachliki (She/Her)


MSA Stage 4 BArch(Hons) Portfolio Prize


Angeliki Sachliki is a prospective architect currently studying architecture at the Glasgow School of Art.

In 2019 worked as an intern at Daipu Architects, an innovative studio located in Beijing, China. This was the first chance to work in a professional practice and developed the ability to combine creative thinking within the development of complex commercial projects.

Throughout her studies, she grew a great interest in making physical models and collages which were developed into a unique and identifiable way of representation. Following her time in China she worked for Studio Nauta in Rotterdam, Netherands she explored themes of domesticity in the context of European cities.

During Stage 4 she explored her deep interest in Philosophy, Literature and Psychology.



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Wellness Center

Wellness Center


By reading this poem we realize that you cannot run away from your personal problems by changing your city or country.

For that to happen they need to change their outlook of life. Nowadays the hectic and stressful life in the cities has negative implications on a person’s mental health.

Therefore, a possible solution to this problem is to disconnect from the hectic rhythms of the city by enhancing the notion of retreat through sensory stimuli.

To achieve that, people need to explore spaces that will let them use their senses in a therapeutic way.