Glasgow Mackintosh School of Architecture MSA Stage 3

Andrew Wilson

My architecture is driven by the people that will interact with and inhabit it. I have a particular interest in architecture centred around community and projects aiming to benefit a group of people.

Big Noise use music to form long term interventions and investment in young people’s lives and their surrounding communities. A Place for Play provides spaces that facilitate play, interact with the surrounding landscape and are flexible in their use, with the goal to assist Big Noise in building relationships and creating long term interventions.

The residential retreat aims to engage, enthuse, and challenge the young people that visit, while the performance hall is a space of occasion and congregation with the intention of becoming a social hub for the Balloch and Big Noise communities.

The design uses children’s building blocks as inspiration and plays with their scale, taking them from pieces that are played with to form imagined landscapes and structures, to volumes that are freely moved around and played within.

The design process has considered environmental factors throughout to intertwine the atmosphere, structure and how a building functions day to day with each other within the landscape.

A Place For Play

A Place For Play

Performance Hall Section 1.100

Initial Sketches

Play In The Landscape

Location Plan

Site Plan 1.500

Adventure Playground

Concept Section Study 1.200

Retreat Envelope Section 1.50

Daily Life Exploded Axonometric 1.200

Upper Floor Plans 1.200

Ground floor plans 1.200

Internal Views

Community Garden