Glasgow Mackintosh School of Architecture MSA Stage 3

Amrit Mahem

Cultural Collaboration


Cultural Collaboration

“Art at the service of society” – José Antonio Abreu
The preservation/sharing of culture is the aim and beating heart of this proposal, given the range of demographic amongst the clientele suggests the need to provide a design that allows for the opportunity to share experiences whether that be through the clear directive of music or through a collective home experience. With this progression the realisation of providing spaces to take a breath and reflect became evident and attempts to be disseminated throughout the design.
Parallel to the importance of culture is the incorporation of nature especially with the positioning of this North West site which rests as the threshold between the urbanism of Balloch and rural climate of the Scottish Highlands; therefore, embracing the density of the trees allows for the promotion of a healthy mindset in addition to providing exposure of the nature/wildlife for the clientele that have been lacking such experiences.
The derivation of building masses to establish the public and private thresholds is amongst some of the methodologies used to achieve these goals, alongside the other aims to achieve a lower carbon footprint and establish a distinct maturity for the building components amongst the context of this embracing environment.

Approach to the Public Courtyard

Highlighting the composition and derivation of space in relation to the public domain

Site Diagram

Ground Floor Plan

Practice Space

Embracing the moments in-between for a breakdown of clarity

Hallway To Practice Space Connection

Residential View

Embracing the balance between the exposed structure against the threshold of the semi-private courtyard

Cross Section

Step Section

Identifying the sense of directionality and transparency throughout the exterior and interior

Perspective Performance Hall Section

Interior View of Balloch Performance Hall

Performance Hall Exploded Structural Diagram

Residential Technical Detail

Residential Technical Axonometric