Glasgow School of Fine Art Sculpture & Environmental Art

Alice Peacock

Help I’ve swallowed my art practise and now I am the size of a house.

The kitchen is covered in instant mash

The bedroom has bears with beans inside

The bathroom has a wooden toilet and a shower that only spits out beans

The garden has a tree that grows red teddy bears

Outside the door is the fierce receptionist.


This is my house, and you may come in.



Bean Bears
Water Closet

Bean Bears

Bears filled with beans. An edible friend that you can cuddle and chew.

Penny the mushy peas bear

Cemal the chickpea bear

Ruomei the red bean bear

Phoenix the peanut bear

Benny the Borlotti bear


Water Closet

Water closet is an impractical bathroom. The toilet is made from wood and therefor is permeable to juices. The carpet is ready to receive staining. The woollen self-portrait marks the artists territory. It is both a homage to one’s own family and a critique of their hypocrisies and failings. Displaying both shame and comfort.

Hand carved wooden toilet to a 1:1 scale. Accompanied by hand crafted rug, toilet roll cosy and tissue box cover.