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Alesh Compton


Video Artist, Paris



I am a video artist interested in inter-disciplinary collaboration and the effects the digital world has had on our lives. My practice stems from a photographic base but has developed into moving image, painting, installation and kinetic art. I look to explore the constant digital stimulus that we are exposed to and create a link to the hidden influence it has had on our lives. Inspired by Avant-Garde art movements such as Gutai, I project the action and performative aspect of my artistic process as an integral part of the finished art work. I believe art is created by people who are alive to express their lived experience. I have no aspiration to create art for art’s sake, art that is novel, or art that seeks to be meaningful. I look to express my position within the intense dynamics and changes that are happening in the world at a time when the flow of (digital) images is extensive and fast. I am constantly experimenting with techniques and materials and do not limit my practice into one specialization. I believe Change and freedom be critical to my time and generation.  Born from a core of personal questions, my work is characterized by my need to comprehend the indiscernible aspects of life.


I look to engage my audience by using recognizable symbols mixed with new technologies, in this way I hope to invite the audience to reconsider their position within the context of my artwork and by extension, their position in the world around them.


Fried Eggz
Glass Half…
Running Man

Fried Eggz

My second Gutai style painting made earlier this year. The concept was to document the act of frying eggs. I painted a pan, threw paint filled eggs into the pan and with the heat from a fire, cooked them to perfection


Spray Paint & Acrylic on Canvas

260 x 280


For Sale: £1500

Glass Half…

Glass Half is the first of my Gutai series of paintings. The concept was to paint a glass in the rain and attempt to fill it whilst the water simultaneously washed it away. The final image is a glass that is neither full nor empty rather a document of the performing painting in the rain


Oil & Spray Paint on Canvas

350 x 280


For Sale: £1,500

Glass Half...

Spray Paint on Canvas 350 x 280

Running Man

My third & most recent Gutai style painting that I have been working on. The concept was to document the act of moving across the canvas. The trace is made using a paint cannon that was fired and made with the help of Ned Prizeman.


Acrylic on Paper

150 x 300


For sale: £1200