Communication Design School of Design Singapore

Aishah Salihin

Keen on exploring various methods of communication and storytelling.

The innate desire to create and experiment is driven by my curiosity and my appreciation for arts and design. I see things for how they could be rather than as they are, which motivates me to constantly seek and explore new ideas and approaches. With that, my body of works and I are constantly changing and moving, as I keep up with the ever-changing world.


Fashion without bodies

Fashion without bodies

“Fashion is ephemeral, dangerous and unfair.” -Karl Lagerfeld

Is it possible to capture fashion without bodies?
This project was an experimentation of a different medium to capture fashion.
A series of prints were produced with Cyanotype, a printing method that requires sunlight. The final outcome revealed an ephemeral visual that captured the movement and flow of fabrics, suggesting the impermanence of fashion.