Glasgow Innovation School Product Design

Aidan O’Friel

I’m a Speculative and Critical Designer interested in how design can inform policy change through envisioning the potential futures of our world and lives. We live in the present yet what we do today dictates how our world will be tomorrow, with very few people within wider society questioning their future, or even knowing that there is more than one potential for us as individuals as well as a collective society. My work aims to build these potential futures in a way which is easy to understand and process, yet provokes thought in the viewer through using artefacts and film. By combining this with workshops where we can then integrate the publics voice and analysis of these futures presented to them, we can then create Participatory futures, a collective voice that projects the desired future for us all. This can allow us to build policy change in a much more informed, and inclusive way to those who it directly affects, creating a better and fairer future for us all.