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The Intangible Project

The Intangible Project

The Intangible Project is an initiative to celebrate the local crafters in Singapore. The project aims to get the target audience to try their hand at crafting, making them understand and appreciate the process of making something.

The Intangible Project consists of a magazine and a website, all of which highlight the process, values, philosophy, and all the intangible sides of handcrafting. The magazine is focused on the purity of craft and acts as a launchpad for the reader to get their hands dirty by using templates and fabrics that can be disassembled for the users giving the magazine a more kinetic feel.

The website acts as a content hub, where the crafters can sell their handmade goods and feature local crafter profiles, where the audience can learn more about the people behind the tools.


The Intangible Project presents Klaire's Kraft