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Our Bedroom, 2021


There are many reasons why reading is a challenge for youths. The stigma associated with reading books is one that has been prevalent throughout the years. Of all reasons to not read, fear should not be it. Amongst a sea of youths, it is often the forgotten and invisible at-risk youths that can benefit from reading the most, making them an important group to target.

Indepenguins is a movement that strives to empower youths to read without the fear of judgement and stigma. It also strives to inculcate a community of brave and independent youth readers.

Its campaign aims to de-stigmatize reading and builds reading readiness in youths. It connects readers and authors during times when guards are down, providing a better experience that can lead to a better chance for a better future.

Our Bedroom, 2021

Our Bedroom 2021 is a painting inspired by the original The Bedroom painting by Van Gogh (1888), to portray post-impressions of the lockdown experience during the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic. The painting features details and nuggets familiar to people who stayed locked in during the entire lockdown.

Other than the main feature (The bedroom itself), other details to look out for would be the indentation marks and desired paths apparent in the painting used to symbolise an incessant recurrent daily life. The red notebook under the table to be seen as a stabilizer for the table represents the Singaporean Passport (that is red) symbolizes the seemingly futile future for travelling that is greatly prevalent during the period. The calendar on the wall symbolises the number of days passed whilst in lockdown and the portrait above it represents the subconscious hope for a day that one can be outside again. The crack in the blinds on the corner represents the wear and tear of patience, and its light shines onto a dusty suitcase kept at the top bunk, symbolising a mixed desire to forget about the possibility of travel and the inkling hope that it may be put into use once again. The overall purpose of the painting is to capture and document a monumental dystopic time of the 21st Century to be observed by the future generation.

The painting is currently printed on Museum-grade Giclée print to ensure its longevity, so that it may live to tell the story of our time.