Wander About the Highland games

The given brief for this project was to curate and design an identity for an online festival. The brief questions how one could capture the colour, noise and atmosphere of a festival such as the Notting Hill Carnival in order to create a digital experience. I was given the option to create my own festival or to choose an existing one.

The aspect of the brief that interested me the most was the challenge to recreate the feeling and atmosphere of being at a festival or event. I thought about the types of festivals or outdoor events I have been to and I felt it would be exciting to try to recreate the experience of being at a local festival such as The Highland Games. My target audience is the many people who regularly attend these local games across the country, who are missing out as all of the games had been cancelled for 2020 and much of 2021.

Wander around the Highland games walkthrough

A longer version of the initial website, clicking on different animations to show the real-life video, to give a fuller experience of the games. Videos and sound taken from youtube I do not own this footage.

Wander About the Highland Games Shortened version

Walkthrough of the interactive website which gives the user a virtual experience of the Highland Games.

running race

weight for distance

caber toss

hammer toss

weight for height

Highland Dancer

Using video as reference for the movements of the dancer.


drummer from a pipe band