Urban Housing: The Work/Life Balance

This thesis seeks to promote new community neighbourhoods, to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation whilst facilitating a healthy work/life balance through clear and defined separation of labour and domestic spaces. Whilst working from home has become the new normal for numerous industries and office workers, I believe the line between labour and domesticity has been blurred beyond distinction. Never being able to switch off from your job can take a huge toll on your productivity and your mental health. This has been amplified by the coronavirus pandemic, not only are we never able to switch off from work, we now live along side it with entire populations being told to stay at home in 2020. My solution to this is a community of workhomes which seek to redefine a separation between labour and domesticity. This aims to combat isolation from home working by creating a lively, diverse neighbourhood that is inhabited 24 hours a day seven days a week.