Red Road

In this project I am exploring the complicated history of Red Road Flats – perhaps, the most discussed and idealised council estate in Glasgow. A housing complex was perpetually praised and loathed since it was erected in the 60s and thus gained an intriguing range of conflicting opinions. Gradually, the towers were turned into a social metaphor for the controversial urban dreams.

By taking into practice diverse research methods such like the investigation of social media archives, physical and digital site visits, I have come up with a publication which takes a form of a ‘mix and match’ book. It aims to reflect the complexity of different interpretations of Red Road Flats and their ever-changing image which persists in the collective memory. Therefore, the book is divided into four chapters, each representing a different ‘camp’: grey stands for architects/contractors; red – for local communities; yellow – the press; and the blue chapter shows historical context (the colour palette was taken from a tower block of Red Road).