Pilgrimage EP

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The four songs of this EP are based on the interviews and research from the Pilgrimage project.

Whisky Galore was constructed from lines taken almost verbatim from the interviews and is about the melancholic beauty of Scotland.

The Misty Isle Hotel is a ballad about a hotel in Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye, the passage of time and the tourist industry in the Highlands.

Kite Song documents the remarkable Scottish wind holding a kite that had been pegged in the ground, up in the air for an entire day.

The Banquet is a Medieval invitation to a feast with the Clan MacLeod on one of their table mountains, based on an urban legend that they held banquets on the hill to intimidate their guests.

The guitar and vocals were recorded in my bedroom in Glasgow, the bass and percussion in Stroud at Sponge Studios. The tracks were mixed by Jam Sponge.

I made a score for the Banquet, based on examples of medieval sheet music which was often very illustrative and non-linear. Here the staves follow the lines of the landscape in photographs my dad took on his trip. The crest is the very same that adorns the pockets for the Battledress.