Magical Marsh

The Magical Marsh is a fictitious place that I imagined superimposed on reality during the first lockdown: a place of dreams, of escape and reflection, of solitude too. From this dream and these thoughts a body of text was born, and this [on-going] project is the attempt at visualising this journey. It is a matter of translating a set of colours, images, sounds and sensations that I have associated with the idea of this deserted palace, a place that is lived as both a refuge and a prison, the way I lived that first lockdown back in March: liberated and imprisoned. The Magical Marsh is not limited in time and space since it was born in me, like a mind palace: but it is deeply link to the memories and feelings of that first lockdown. It is both real and unreal, something people can relate to and something very personal, a dream place and a nightmarish one.

This work allowed me to explore moving image, story-telling, symbolism and colour. It also allowed me to work out ways in which my visual work could come into place with my personal writing. Two music videos for two tracks have been made as yet, and each slightly differs as my skills, interests and ambitions shifted through time and research. It is also a collaboration with Hugo Saccardy who’s been my friend in charge of thinking and creating the music. In some ways, I perceive this project as a ‘reverse-album’, starting from lyrics and working towards audio through image making. Each track is a different story but also part of a whole, which allows to delve into new ways of making moving image, different aesthetics, different tones.

01. Ziggurat

The first music video is for the first track ‘Ziggurat’, ‘Ziggurat’ acts as an introduction to the universe of the Magical Marsh. It is a tale of discovery, that of this hidden place and the feelings linked to it. Visually, it is very open to interpretation and presents more or less abstracted images.The place that’s described and lived throughout the video feels driven by natural movements and elements and carries a peaceful and contemplative emotion.


The second music video is for the fourth track ‘Serpent-Volant’ [literally in english: flying-snake] where I tell of a dream, the sort you get when you nap in the sun, the sort you’d get in the Magical Marsh. The video opens to a journey from dusk till night, following snakes and butterflies, the lyrics, less sophisticated than Ziggurat, less anxious, gives way to a colour palette that has shifted from more realistic and natural hues to more eerie and saturated ones, a small journey in a dreamlike world.

Work in progress, research, for the 6th track 'Still'.


To accompany the viewer in this journey and following the idea of a 'reverse album’, I designed a 'cover' for an artefact that introduces the viewing of the videos ~ if the world was physical once again ~ or for a digital artefact promoting the album. The simplicity, abstraction and boldness of the design subtly refers to the Magical Marsh without alluding to only one video or aesthetic, giving space for the upcoming visual explorations.