Live Feed

Live Feed is a companion for dinner time. Alongside it’s accompanying app, it allows you to tune in with those dining alone in your community through audio. There is the opportunity to personalise your experience using filters when searching for diners. The app provides you with a simple profile for each diner, keeping a log of all your meals. It is designed to build relationships within the community at meal times.


Stephen is 28, he has just moved to a new area for a job. He is a sociable person but has not had the chance to meet anybody local yet. He purchased a Live feed to make his meals feel less lonely every night and to get to know his neighbours.

The Live Feed in situ

(Top left) The Live Feed is stored as a table setting, designed to be set up for each meal as you would set a table, as if catering for a companion. (Top right) It is equipped with a volume control and a microphone for audio exchange with a neighbour. (Bottom left) There are 9 various filters in order for you to refine your search. (Bottom right) The app responds to all physical actions and notifies the user after each stage.

Advertising within the community

A Project Journal of Insights

In light of Covid-19, there has been an increase in loneliness and social isolation. Dining has the ability to bring people in the community together. I was interested in exploring how a meal could be shared with someone in a different location. This document explores these themes and pulls out these key insights which are explored in depth.


I carried out chats with experts in the hospitality and food design industry before going on to engage with my extreme users. I asked my users to document a single meal and once I had analysed this I carried out a remote workshop to gain feedback on my ideas. I tested my prototypes through role playing my users at mealtimes to see what would be if value to each one.


The most important factor that drove my project was the sense of community. I wanted to create a community of Live Feed diners that met through dining alone. Post-pandemic, this would be of value to the millions that dine alone on a daily basis. Food acts as the material that has the capacity to build a relationship.