Exhibition at home

I have installed my previous works into my home to curate an exhibition, aiming to show them in a different context to explore how Covid-19 affects the world. Different artworks are presented in different rooms within my home, considering how the nature of the room suits the themes in the work. Since no one will be able to visit my home, I developed the idea of documenting the exhibition. Using the QR code on the poster, viewers can link to the exhibition on my website; an interactive map guides the viewer through the space and the work.

The exhibition poster imitating Protect Scotland's advertisement

11.3.2011 (The silent prayer)

Inkjet print / 29.7×42.0 cm / 2014


Mixed-media / Dimensions variable / 2017-

The virtual exhibition

Archive of Happiness

Mixed-media / Dimensions variable / 2015 ​

I cannot sustain myself any longer.

Video / 2 minutes / 2018

The Wee Days

Slides, 35mm, projection, colour / Dimensions variable / 2015-2021