Barras Halle

A conceptual community centre based in the East End of Glasgow that aspires to place residents at the heart of its design. The theory dissects the production and performance elements of theatre and attempts to make every step of the process accessible to all. Facilities for woodwork, sewing, cooking, arts, crafts, rehearsal, and computer development collaborate through the various studios and combine in a spacious central hall, inspired by the popular Victorian galleries found throughout Scotland.

The materials were carefully selected to acknowledge the surrounding vernacular and ever-developing climate crisis. An entirely timber structure of Glulam frames and CLT floor slabs connect with a solid screen of recycled bricks in the wings, supplied by the site’s previous occupants. Contrasted by translucent recycled polycarbonates to allow light, sound, and movement to permeate out onto the street, inviting any passers-by. At night, this lively hall becomes shrouded by acoustically baffling curtains to protect the adjacent residents.

Large openings and high ceilings create light and inviting studios that will encourage creation and collaboration amongst the various, housed disciplines. Long standing resident on site, Bill’s Tool Store, will be relocated to the Southern corner facing the busy commercial street of London Road which connects the site to the city. Whilst on the Northern border a small, practical library will house informational books on various creation/performance methods and Scotland’s greatest creators. The library’s extensive windows will provide views to the historic building of Saint Luke’s which has newly become one of the areas hottest cultural venues.

One of the development’s defining elements will be two massive, 12 metre rotating walls that open to invite the residents of Calton & Bridgeton by day, to then swing symbolically shut at night to provide privacy for performances, assisted by huge acoustic baffling curtains at the Bain street entrance.

The building opens into a sheltered courtyard to the West providing an exterior performance space at the entrance of the Barras Art and Design centre that neighbours the development. The chosen form also expands the realm of the bustling market with room for up to 30 stalls inside The Halle for the creators to present the fruits of their labour.

Primary Entrance Visualisation

Urban Structure & Context

Short Section

Long Section

Vis 6 Tile

Ground Floor Plan

First & Second Floor Plans

Bain Street Elevation

Stevenson Street Elevation

Moncur Street Elevation