The Playground: An alternative social experience

The project speculated into the future, where social media addiction among young adults become a critical problem and the government has to establish a new department to face it (The Department of Social Media Usage Control). By setting the scene in the future, we have a better understanding of our lives today and the challenges we might face in the future, which provoke thinking and actions.


I worked closely with users and experts from the related domain, and notice the foundation of the problem is people’s feeling of loneliness and disconnection. An alternative social experience that provides a positive connection and manageable social circle for its users is needed.


The outcome is Playground; a social platform based on the local community to provide a ‘real-time, location-based, playful, positive social connection for users.

The Introduction Video of The Playground

This is the outcome video of my project. An advertisement in the future that introducing the Playground platform to people.

All the physical touchpoints

Includes: introduction kits, Playground Tag, Playground Pad and Playground Hub

User Journey Storyboard

The storyboard shows the Playground experience and its impacts on the user through Wade's story.

Department of Social Media Usage Control ads video future 2026 (Future scenario video)

In the development stage, I use video to prototype my future vision and bring it to life quickly. It is an advertisement for the Department of Social Media Usage Control (an organisation that I imagine exists in the future world I create).

The user testing outcome

I invited the users to interact with my design and observe how they might use my design.